I am Jae-kee Cho, CEO of Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

I would like to invite you to the 2019 Dream Together Seoul Forum.

As part of the Dream Together Master Program backed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Dream Together Seoul Forum has been organized to drive the discourse of the international sport industry,

Under the theme “Sport Value and Diffusion,” the 2019 forum will be held at 2pm on November 26 at the JW Marriot Seoul.

Through this forum, we will be sharing ideas on “how to enhance the value of sports through sport activities and country-specific cases of solving problems through sport.” The forum will also serve as an opportunity to provide and discuss directions for sport-driven mutual cooperation with the Korean government.

We have invited distinguished guests as speakers. As a globally-recognized expert in the area of Olympic Studies research, Dr. Ian P. Henry, honorary professor at Loughborough University, will deliver a keynote speech.

We have also organized sessions for presentations and in-depth discussions with renowned experts from governments and academia in sport and public diplomacy.

I hope you can manage to participate in the forum out of your busy schedules andcontemplate the significance and dissemination of the value of sport.

Jaekee Cho
Korea Sports Promotion Foundation