Dear honored guests and all the students who dream of becoming sports administrators! It is great pleasure to meet all of you.

I am Jae-kee CHO, Chairman of Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.


First of all, I would sincerely like to welcome everyone at the ‘2020 Dream Together Seoul Forum.’ I would also like to express gratitude to experts from Korea and abroad who will be giving speeches and presentations. This year has been tough, due to COVID-19, but it’s a great pleasure to be with all of you at this meaningful event.


This is the 8th year of the Dream Together Master Program that is promoted along with the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Seoul National University.


During the years, we managed to cultivate 138 sports administrators from 50 countries, contributing to enhancing Korea’s status in the world through sports education.

The biggest power of sport is that it goes beyond language and cultural barriers and connects people. Sport is a medium with a strong power that connects the whole world as one.


‘Dream Together’ forum is meaningful in that we get to share the joy and value of sports with more people and moreover share the societal development experience accumulated by Korean sports and develop close network with people around the world.


With COVID-19, the whole world is facing difficulties we have never experienced before. This led to distant interchange of human resources between countries. But this is the time the whole world needs to get through the crisis with a 'One Team Spirit.'


Sport interchange between countries have had a great impact on the world whenever there was a global crisis. The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games notified the end of Cold War and delivered the message of harmony and hope while the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games relieved the once tightened tension on the Korean peninsula; it was indeed a peaceful Olympic Games that paved the way towards world peace.


The recently late former Samsung president Gun-hee LEE said, ‘One genius feeds 100,000 people.’

The importance of human resources is being ever more emphasized in the time of 4th industrial revolution, where technology is developing faster than ever. I hope that today’s forum would be the starting point of cultivating excellent sports administrators around the world based on Korea’s superb administrative capacity, intelligence and moreover be a solid stepping stone in creating sports for a better world.


I ask everyone here to gather wisdom and opinions so that the ‘2020 Dream Together Seoul Forum’ can become the gateway for not just developing countries but for all international sports talents as well as a place for developing many countries’ great manpower and their networking.


I would like to once again express my gratitude to all those who have worked hard for this event and wish everyone here today health, luck and the joy of sports at all times. Thank you.